February 5, 2012

Italian Cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino began his new job as a bus driver yesterday

The jokes are trickling in now 
# How do they serve alcoholic drinks on Italian cruise ships?   - On the rocks

# What vegetables do you get with dinner on Italian cruise ships?   - Leeks

# What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship?   -  Follow the captain

# When the captain of the ill fated Costa Concordia was asked if he knew where he was going he replied "off course."

# So the captain of the Costa Concordia will soon be in the dock.   That's more than can be said for his ship.

# I like my women how I like my Italian Cruises.    Wet, wrecked and going down on me.

# The Costa Concordia is probably the most expensive thing to go down in Italy since Berlusconi's last hooker.

 # What does the Italian economy and the stricken cruise liner Costa Concordia have in common?
   Nothing - The bottoms dropped out of both.

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