March 25, 2012

Intel Solutions Summit 2012 in New Orleans

Todd Swank Diary Entry for March 25, 2012

Intel Solutions Summit 2012 in New Orleans

 This is a video that Intel showed on the final night at the Awards Ceremony. I'm in it a couple of times, but for some reason they identify me as Dr. Bollig!

Buy A Chevy Volt


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Pen Is Broken

Walmart Fashion Show

This must have been quite the sight to see!

I Found This Humerus

March 24, 2012

Annabel Carberry in "A Glass of Red"

How Does Water Flow Down a Drain at the Equator?

Crazy ATV Driver Skims His Ride Across A Big Lake!

If I'm Driving 80 Miles Per Hour, How Long Does It Take To Drive 80 Miles?

A Nice Email from Cody

Dear Todd Swank

I'm huge fan of your site and I visit it regularly. I'm emailing you right now to ask for a favor. I was born with a condition similar to yours, I have a short arm and four fingers on my hands just like you. What I've done is made a product. What it is is basically my hand print put on a piece of card stock and framed with the words "just deal with it...." written below. That is why I've contacted you- I would much appreciate it if you put a link to my shop on your website. Your website gets a lot of views and I've invested a lot of money into this project. I'd be devastated if i didn't make a profit.
here is the link:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email, Have a nice day :)

Cody Bendickson- A.K.A Nemo

Best of Luck to You, Cody!
Todd Swank A.K.A. Shortarmguy

March 23, 2012

Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die

So excited for the new season!

March 17, 2012

The Ice Is Out on Prior Lake 2012

Pets Waiting at Home For You

Winner of the Wet TShirt Contest

Effects of Acetylene in a place it should not have been.

Another story about an acetylene bottle in a vehicle.
Remember this applies to any flammable gas.  If you leave a
chain saw, gasoline container, etc. in an enclosed space
(your vehicle for example) and then apply any ignition
source (electricity, spark, smoke, etc.) you have the
makings of a bomb.

Here is what the owner said:

“So my time almost came to an end this morning... I'm very
lucky to be alive. I had an acetylene bottle in my truck, the valve was bumped so slightly and over night the truck filled with the gas. I noticed the smell, and opened the doors to air out the truck. I drove the truck out of the garage to get some more air movement. I went to roll the pass side window down and as soon as I touched the power windows. BAM - with me in the truck. I lost all hearing out of my right ear and got a
scratch on the back of my head. All things considering, I'm

Pictures tell 1000 words.

Go To Kearney. Get Your Photo with Former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Electrician with a Sharpie

I will never look at a power outlet the same again........... 

This One Belongs on Damn You Auto Correct!

I'm a friend of Jason Alexander.  This is probably the best typo text I've received.  Thought I'd share.