May 24, 2009

They thought the picture with the walrus would be a great Family Photo Opportunity!

How I Play Tennis!

More evidence of how Swine Flu was started...

How to catch a great white shark...


"Be on the lookout for a `51 Chevy, Red with White top"

Tough Times on Sesame Street

Driving with a Traffic Light

Your Honor: I plead not guilty. I did not see a light; and besides ~ there is no light on that corner. I checked the next morning........
Now here's a hard core drinker and one tough Dodge truck. The driver hit the left turn light and sheared off the light post at the base, and then kept driving on about 2 miles to Squires Four Pub, where he stopped for more beer!! How impaired do you have to be to NOT notice that you are carrying a stop light? ( I Wonder if the light was green? ) The truck was towed about 2.5 miles to the Vernon towing yard, with the light still pinched between the two tow hooks and the bumper bent around it It took several good hard pulls with a backhoe to get the pole free. Now that's what you call drunk driving.

The US Air Force has developed a great way to scare birds away from their planes!

May 17, 2009

Obama Recovery

Scary Results of Swine Flu

Dear God,

Dear God,

Please send clothes for all those poor ladies in Daddy's computer......Amen !!!

Jumbo Peanuts

May 16, 2009

Squirrel Mom to the Rescue!


Look at the dog's face ...This has to be what he is thinking.
"What the heck just happened? Did I just get my a** kicked by a squirrel!?!!"

May 13, 2009

A Big Ding Dong

a big ding dong
What the heck Did Simon Cowell mean When he said the finale was going to be "A Big Ding Dong?
I think he was talking about this guy here...