April 22, 2012

Giant Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniversary Statue Unveiled In Chicago

Lifelike "7 Year Itch" Iconic Pose Captured By Designer Seward Johnson

The project was kept in great secrecy until recently...

Providing Shelter under rain and snow...

Nail Polishing over the simulated subway grating to represent the one in the movie...

The Designer Applying the Spray Color

Finishing Touches

Amazing Attention to Detail and Realistic Flesh Tones

Wondering how the statue is able to stand on it's own weight without support?

Bride and Bridesmaids.  Finding shade under the statue...

What A Fitting Tribute to Marilyn in the Windy City!

Even the Youth are Curious!


  1. I guess that now I have seen it all.

  2. put up something worth looking at , like one of our wounded Marines or one of our famous Generals or a war veteran , my gawddddddddddd