April 25, 2012

President Obama Travels To Boulder, Colorado To Get Photo Taken With Famous Shortarmguy Hand Print

Last August, my buddy Ron and I traveled to Colorado to see Krazy Kory who was living there at the time.  You can read about the trip HERE.

While there, we stopped in at a bar called the Sink in Boulder, Colorado.  

Apparently the tradition at the bar is to have people "Sign the Ceiling".  There's a lot of signatures up there.

Since I was in Rome, I felt I should do as the Romans do and I signed the ceiling by tracing my hand on it.  I added the white arrow above so you can see exactly where it is.  Note the Large P in the photo because it will help you identify the location of my hand print in the next photo.

Apparently, my hand print has become quite popular for people to see.  I didn't realize this until I just read that even President Obama traveled to the bar  to see it and pose for pictures in front of it with some friends yesterday.  Note that he's standing almost directly under the P I mentioned earlier in this story.

I just read on Yahoo, that this picture of Obama and another friend of his has even gone viral and people from all over are checking it out.  

I guess I don't see what the big deal is.  

I mean if he's that into it, I'd be happy to come to the white house and trace my hand on the ceiling of the Oval Office or the Lincoln Bedroom or something.

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