June 10, 2012

Fred Hoiboar


Thought this might interest you as it mentions Camp Odayin.


Bored friends brainstorm big boar plan


At this year's Iowa State Fair you should definitely meet Fred Hoiboar.  Basically, a few years ago friends were sitting around at the fair and drinking beer.  They came to the conclusion that they could win the Biggest Boar competition. 

So all of them throw in some money. Since they're (almost) all Iowa State University fans, they name the boar Fred Hoiboar.

ISU head basketball coach Fred Hoiberg also throws in some money to help out. Hoiberg chooses a charity to support, Camp Odayin, a Minnesota camp for kids with heart disease like his.

The group is selling t-shirts to raise money, they've created a Facebook and twitter page for Fred Hoiboar.

The boar is being feed more than 20 pounds of food a day. They hope to be close to an all-time weight record for the boar by fair weigh in date.

You can learn more about Hoiboar at FredHoiboar.com

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