July 18, 2012

Double-Amputee Olympic Racer Oscar Pistorius Defended By The NACP

Yesterday, the NACP released a Press Release in response to Michael Johnson's Recent rant about Double-Amputee Olympic Racer Oscar Pistorius. 

This is the first smart move ever made by this two bit organization!

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  1. But, but the bionic man will have super powers! He will leap tall buildings in a single bound, see with x-ray vision, and be stronger than a locomotive. Whoops, I think I'm channeling Marvel comics somehow. But hey, if the world will allow transvestites to compete with real women in the Miss Universe contest then what the heck is the problem? I say, go for it. It used to be Soviet women taking steroids was a problem, now even Lance Armstrong is a suspect and he had cancer! Live and let live. Just keep the gov't out of my home.