October 14, 2012

Minnesota Viking Pumpkins

How's it going, Todd?

We saw your coverage of the Vikings at http://www.swankboys.com/2011/11/minnesota-vikings-stadium-push-to.html. Excited by the great start the Vikes are having this year, we decided to get creative and carve some pumpkins of top Vikings players. I thought they'd be right up your and your reader's alley. 

Check them out here: http://www.iexposure.com/2012/10/11/minnesota-vikings-pumpkin-stencils . We also posted the custom stencils we used to make them.

If you like them, we'd be thrilled if you shared them with your readers. Feel free to repost the images.

Skol Vikings!

Jeff Hahn
CEO, Internet Exposure

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