June 27, 2010

Nice Email from Yokohama

I received this email in response to this post:


Dear Mr. Swank,

A little constructive help! Your pictures of Hiroshima look very similar to what I see in Yokohama. Attached is a Google shot of one of the same buildings.

Great website; I enjoy it a lot.

Allen Huies

Tamaplaza, Yokohama, Japan

P.S. Yokohama was not nuked because the destruction was so massive during the conventional (napalm) bombing that they would not be able to see the destructive power of the A-bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not harmed much during the war. Tokyo and Yokohama were in the same condition after the war as Hiroshima and Nagasaki except for the radiation. The two former were firebombed in March 1945 so although your website makes prefect sense, almost no one knows how massive the destruction of Tokyo and Yokohama was.

Yokohama 2010

Tokyo after the fire bombing- 1945

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