March 17, 2012

Effects of Acetylene in a place it should not have been.

Another story about an acetylene bottle in a vehicle.
Remember this applies to any flammable gas.  If you leave a
chain saw, gasoline container, etc. in an enclosed space
(your vehicle for example) and then apply any ignition
source (electricity, spark, smoke, etc.) you have the
makings of a bomb.

Here is what the owner said:

“So my time almost came to an end this morning... I'm very
lucky to be alive. I had an acetylene bottle in my truck, the valve was bumped so slightly and over night the truck filled with the gas. I noticed the smell, and opened the doors to air out the truck. I drove the truck out of the garage to get some more air movement. I went to roll the pass side window down and as soon as I touched the power windows. BAM - with me in the truck. I lost all hearing out of my right ear and got a
scratch on the back of my head. All things considering, I'm

Pictures tell 1000 words.