March 17, 2012

Effects of Acetylene in a place it should not have been.

Another story about an acetylene bottle in a vehicle.
Remember this applies to any flammable gas.  If you leave a
chain saw, gasoline container, etc. in an enclosed space
(your vehicle for example) and then apply any ignition
source (electricity, spark, smoke, etc.) you have the
makings of a bomb.

Here is what the owner said:

“So my time almost came to an end this morning... I'm very
lucky to be alive. I had an acetylene bottle in my truck, the valve was bumped so slightly and over night the truck filled with the gas. I noticed the smell, and opened the doors to air out the truck. I drove the truck out of the garage to get some more air movement. I went to roll the pass side window down and as soon as I touched the power windows. BAM - with me in the truck. I lost all hearing out of my right ear and got a
scratch on the back of my head. All things considering, I'm

Pictures tell 1000 words.

1 comment:

  1. I gotta maybe call BS on this one. The acetylene would make a huge fireball, and nothing appears scorched in the least. Also, the air bag appears deployed which it most likely would not do from an internal explosion (it might, but seems odd). We used to play with acetylene and make balloons out of garbage bags filled with it and use a piece of newspaper for a wick. Put it in a hole with a piece of plywood on top. It could launch a refrigerator well into the air, but it would also scorch the grass around the area. LD