March 5, 2012

Sad News Regarding the Mayan Calendar for all you 2012 Doomsday Believers

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  1. You should do your homework. If you did, you'd realize that the Mayan calendar is based on the number of days since the beginning of their calendar, or epoch. It has nothing to do with counting years, or fractions thereof. SO it doesn't matter if there is 365.25 days in a Roman year. Leap years, months, and even weeks mean nothing when counting days only. Leap years are an adjustment to make counting years work on a Gregorian calendar. What does matter, is that December 21 2012 is a date calculated by our scientists to match up the number of days since the beginning of the Mayan epoch with our Gregorian calendar. They counted the days, not the years, as days were the common denominator in that equation. I'm not saying that the world is going to end on this day, but the Mayan epoch will, which may just signal the beginning of the next epoch. So, your image with the statement above is uninformed rubbish, no matter how much you loathe and wish to discredit doomsday prophecy with your superior intellect.