September 24, 2009

Louie Anderson and Luke Swank

On Sunday, we took in a family
golf game which will most likely be our last of the year judging from all
the fallen leaves we had to navigate around on the course. It's so
hard to believe Fall is here and that winter is coming!! What the
hell happened to summer?

Grandma Linda joined us for
the golf game but forgot her clubs, balls, tees, and shoes. She did
have a great time sitting on the bench playing with her water bottle,

On Saturday night, Luke
received his wish from the Wishes and More Organization and had the
opportunity to perform on stage with comedy God, Louie Anderson!
More details about Luke's wish can be
found here.
Louie was an extremely nice man and met with our family before the show began. He gave Luke some suggestions on how to do comedy and signed
T-Shirts for both of the boys. He even offered us some soda pop
before we went back to our seats which we all thought was a very kind

The Wishes and More people
didn't miss a touch even arranging for us to be driven around in a
limousine back and forth to the comedy club.

Greg was our driver and a
great guy! He told us interesting stories about previous passengers
and took us out for ice cream at Dairy Queen after the show. Avery
has informed us that he has identified a new career aspiration for when he
gets older. He wants to be a limo driver!

The boys just loved riding in
the limo! They drank Sprite from champagne glasses, played with the
fancy lights, and danced to the music. I think if they could have
chosen between riding in the limo all night and going to the comedy club,
they would have had a tough time getting out of the car!

This is Scott Hanson and he's
a legend in the Minneapolis Comedy Scene. He owns the Comedy Gallery
Comedy Clubs which have been in several locations in the Twin Cities over
the years. Many of the biggest names in the business have performed
at his clubs. Scott was instrumental in helping Wishes and More to
make Luke's wish come true. Luke gave him a Wishes and More hat to
say "Thank You" and Scott responded with "I don't think that will
fit on my head!" What a funny guy!

We didn't have a lot of notice
that we were going to be performing, so we did the same routine we did at
the Wishes and More Ball in February. We figured it would be easier
to practice that one again rather than try to come up with a new act in
three days. The crowd seemed pretty receptive to it so I think we
made the right call.

Luke and Louie Video

It's been a long time since
I've seen Louie perform. I forgot how funny he is! I don't
normally laugh at comedians because I've seen so much standup in my life
time, but I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit! It was
really a great, great night for the Shortarmguy Family!

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