October 4, 2009

Shortarmguy Diary Entry for October 4, 2009

Shortarmguy at the
Camp Odayin 2009 Heart and Sole Run

It's Popcorn Selling Season
for Pack 331. We stopped by to pick up some supplies for our den
from our old friend, Jimi Gilbertson. Jimi volunteered to be this
year's popcorn chairperson. Here he's seen with last year's
chairperson, Tom McKeen, doing the "Pass the Popcorn Bowl" ritual that is
performed when the duties are passed from one person to another.
There was also a lot of dancing and singing as part of the handoff
ceremony, but honestly I thought the pictures looked just a bit too
embarrassing to post them here.

On Saturday, we participated
in the Camp Odayin Heart
and Sole Fun Run
. Most of the Shortarmguy Family walked at the
event, though, because we're strong believers that the words Fun and Run
just don't belong in the same sentence together.

Avery decided to buck the
family tradition, however, when he pronounced that he wanted to take a
shot at running at the event this year. We told him it was his
prerogative so he should feel free to give it a shot. So shortly
before the race began, we walked him up to the front of the line where the
walkers typically aren't allowed to be! We felt so rebellious!

I tried to run ahead to get a
photo of Avery's start, but they blew the horn just a bit too quickly for
me to get positioned. You can barely see him in the middle of this
group of men, but if you look closely you can see a burning look of desire
on the boy's face that just makes me so dang proud to be his dad. I
honestly have no idea how he did, but I do know he didn't make it around
the lake a second time. The race was a 5K and each pass around the
lake was 2.5K. I told him before hand if he was too tired, he
shouldn't try to do the second lap and I guess he took my advice.
That being said, he did finish way ahead of the rest of his family and by
golly that's good enough for me!

Of course, Luke and I did take
our time during our portion of the walk. Towards the end, I tried to
give him some pointers on how to pick up cheerleaders, but he just thinks
that's "Gross". I'm guessing it won't be too much longer before he
starts changing his mind on that attitude.

This is Sara and Alison from
Camp Odayin and they are a couple of the awesome people that make this
event possible. Alison's significant other can also be seen in the
back and none other than Kare 11 Weatherman, Sven Sungaard, is the man between Luke and Avery. I have no idea
where Sven finished in the race, but I'm guessing that Avery beat him!

On Sunday, we made our annual
trek to Minnesota Harvest
which is a large Apple Orchard. We like to go on tractor rides out
into the fields of Apple Trees. When we go, we're supposed to
actually get off the tractor and go into the trees to pick apples to buy
them. However, we don't do that because honestly we're not that into
apples. But we do like tractor rides.

Grandma Linda enjoys going to
the Apple Orchard to stare at all the fruit. I think that she thinks
that they're actually communicating with her in some weird way. I've
never actually asked her about this, though. Mainly because if by
some chance the apples really are saying something to her, I certainly
don't want to interrupt them.

Miss Sheri loves going on the
tractor rides since she grew up on a farm and used to drive many tractors
herself back in the day. She kept waving at the other drivers using
what she called "Tractor Driver Sign Language" but I don't get the
impression they knew what she was talking about.

Nice Emails of the Week

I recall your fascination with Ty Pennington, well Extreme Home Makeover is in town in St. Paul. More specifically, on the West Side neighborhood where I grew up and went to school all of my life. Sandy, who has been selected for a home remodel, I graduated with from Humboldt in 1987.

She is the one in the middle of the photo. I’m going to try and get some photos for my blog, but if you volunteer, they have strict policy of no cameras, so I may just spectate.

Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy

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