July 9, 2010

Elk gives birth by ranger station in Yellowstone

Superb photos of a cow elk giving birth to her calf right next to the Administration building at Yellowstone National Park headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs! You can see how wildlife and people can live together harmoniously. And I figure it is one of the few places in the Yellowstone area where a cow elk can safely have her calf without it being eaten immediately by a grizzly or a wolf!

Enjoy these great photos!


  1. These pictures were not taken by Tim Reid, nor were the accompanying narrative comments made by him. The photos are public domain and are available on the Yellowstone NP website.

  2. Irrespective of who wrote what, the point is, is still valid. Animals not only can and do cohabit with us, but thrive! The Alaska Pipeline was supposed to disrupt and destroy the natural migration and birth habitat of Caribou, Moose, bears. The unsophisticated (re animals) "bought it" and there was huge clamor about Save The Caribou in that era. Hah! Bears hike along the top of the pipeline, the warmth genrated by the oil inside the pipes created miles and miles of greener grasses, and earlier food. The caribou have thrived! There are now so many 'bou that hunters are asked to harvest two animals per hunter! to help control the enormous herd sizes.
    Further, the Whitetail deer...from the East Coast to Colorado...are in greater number now than when we became the United States.
    So, the point in this original posting is valid, and worth thinking about.
    Emotionalism is no way to make laws about animal control, habitat, nor animal "rights." Real-life understanding and experience with animals is. So, that's how I experience it... right on who ever made this observation with these pics.

  3. why do I cry when I see something so beautiful

  4. I don't think Ranger Reid knows how to operate a camera.

  5. Whoa, strong words about such a hard working, upstanding public servant such as Chief Reid.
    From personal experience, I know for a fact Mr. Reid knows how to use a camera and I have some great images taken by him to prove otherwise. I sense some personal anomosity here. Let's leave the personal attacks off of this board and try to appreciate all the great content provided by the hard working employees of the park.

  6. Tim Reid, Chief Ranger of Yellowstone National Park, did not take these photographs. They are stock photos taken by a federal NPS photographer who works for the park. Tim Reid did not write the quote attributed to him above. Please remove any reference to Mr. Reid from your post. Thank you.