September 25, 2011

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2011

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2011
Shortarmguy's Diary Update for September 25, 2011

Fall is in the air, but Sunny still demands that I take him swimming all the time.  I keep trying to throw the ball farther and farther out in the water, but the dang dog just never seems to get tired.

Avery made the jump to contacts this week.  Well, at least he's trying to make the jump.  He was able to put them in his eyes at the optometrist's office and take them out again, but it's still a challenge to do it every day at home.  So we're working on it.  I understand the difficulties of the task because I tried to get contacts when I was younger and failed miserably.  Every time I tried to poke one of those things in my eyes, my eyelids said No Fricking Way!  So I stuck with glasses for many years until finally getting Lasix a couple years ago.  But I have confidence that Avery will have them figured out real soon.  He's much better with his hands than his dad.

We went and saw the movie Moneyball this week with Brad Pitt.  I know this picture is of the boys in front of the Real Steel display, but the silly theater didn't have a display for Moneyball.  The boys didn't really enjoy the movie because they thought it was way too slow with very little action, but their mother and I loved it.  It was an inspiring movie that really promoted "Out of the Box" thinking which we like. Three Big Thumbs up from Miss Sheri and I!

On Saturday, we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to Get our Geek On.  Next time we're going to wear costumes so we really fit in, but for now I think we're geeky enough in our street clothes.

We showed up a little later than we usually do, so we had to battle a pretty big crowd before even arriving at the gates.  But there's so many interesting people to watch, we didn't mind the wait.  Well, I think Avery minded a little.

A lot of the people we met were really friendly even though some of them were a little too "Handsy" for our taste!

Others were kind of grouchy.  Not sure if it was part of the act or if they were just kind of surly to be looking like this out in public.

We even bumped into some old friends along the way.  Paul and I played little league baseball together about 30 years ago.  He and Angie drove up from Mason City, Iowa to enjoy the Rat Catcher's Feast which they told me was a 7 course meal they were going to attend later that evening.  I'm not sure if  I'd go to a meal put on by a guy who calls himself a Rat Catcher, but to each his own.  I hope they enjoyed their supper!

We met nice people, grouchy people, old friends, and a lot of weirdo's.  But I'll never understand where they find so many psychotic people to come to these events like this guy.  He climbed on top of a tall ladder and started juggling lots of different stuff.  He had no net around him or anything to break his fall in case he slipped.  Nothing down there but a little tip jar which didn't seem all that full for the level of effort he was putting out there.  Righteous Bucks indeed!   

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