May 16, 2010

The Arizona Immigration Law

This News video Helps you understand what Az has been going through...they have asked for help years ago!

Got this from an email pal so passing it along.  

The Fox News anchor is Sean Hannity. I have seen worse on the news too than what this video contains....AZ only put into law what was basically already Federal Law. Our country is being invaded and soon to get worse on the border states. This must stop and we must support our law enforcement in all states. Even
in Oklahoma City we are having more and more crime from illegals.

There is a brief ad at the beginning of this video. Please watch it, but it's not for children!

Americans need to understand why Arizona passed recent legislation and other states are following.  This isn't 'racial', it's criminal.

We all need to demand that our representatives do whatever is necessary to control our borders.
This is a horrific problem.  The video is about one year old and it's only gotten worse.

Watch the video...

Being retired, I have a little more time on my hands to pay attention to things that are going on around us than when I was working 60 hours a week. I saw this video and was a bit surprised of how bad things are in Arizona.

Initially, I had no intention of passing this information on until I allowed the contents of the video to digest for a few hours. Now I feel compelled to do so, primarily because of all the bogus "anti-immigrant and racist" chants that are being voiced by political pimps who twist, turn, obliterate and make a mockery of the truth for the sake of cheap politics at the expense of others.

There has been much said about the recent immigration bill signed in Arizona. Some may feel differently that I do and that is fine. 
Below is a link to a recent Fox News story surrounding the exploding and violent crime rate within Arizona. There is no twist, or spin to this story, it is all factual and it is shocking. The utter failure of Obama, Bush and down the chain, to control our borders and stop the flow of violence and narcotics into this country is pathetic. None of them have done anything for the simple sake of bullshit politics and fearing they would piss people off and potentially lose votes. It is disgusting.

In my opinion, the Arizona bill really doesn't have anything to do with being anti-immigrant per se'. I do NOT begrudge anyone South of the border wanting to come to this wonderful country to work and provide a better life for their family. If I were on the other side, I would to anything to get to America to work. I get it, and I always have. To those who "really" know me understand my heart.

This bill is an attempt to control the out-of-control violence inside the Arizona border. All of the violence depicted in this video is directly linked to our open and unchecked borders as well as the importation of violence and narcotics into our nation, right under our nose. The Arizona bill was enacted out of frustration because of Washington's (for 20 years or so) failure to do anything but pimp and pander themselves for the sake of ugly politics and a vote.

 Please watch this video and then imagine if you lived in Arizona. What would you want your law enforcement and the State government to do? What would you want done if this were happening in California or where you live? It is only a matter of time.  How is the crime in your neighborhood? Getting worse? get ready,The drug cartel are so rich they are winning.


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