December 24, 2010

The Minnesota Song

This is a humorous country fable about escaping Minnesota winters.

From a fellow Minnesotan. 

This video shows what life is like for us currently:Dear Friends,

Here's a YouTube link to a video I made of a humorous country song I wrote about Minnesota winters. I actually wrote this song in a sort of wretchedly cold and snowy December way back when I graduated from college. A few years later, in 1988, Sandy and I and a few musicians recorded it on a cassette (remember those?) . At that time, KDWB got ahold of it and actually used to play it on their morning show when it snowed that year. Since then, the song has been buried in cassette-land and has been off the radar. But this Winter, as our Minnesota winter started early with tons of snow and cold, I was reminded of that song. So I contacted my former producer to see if he could find the master copy of it. He dug around the archives of his studio and found it and got me a now digital version of "The Minnesota Song

(The Great Escape)". So I decided to put together a video slideshow of the song and put it on YouTube. It's also going to be available on ITunes soon when they finish loading it into their system. If you live in Minnesota or the north, you'll probably laugh, maybe cry and relate. If you've moved south from Minnesota, you'll probably mostly laugh and thank God that you've moved.

I hope it gives you all a good laugh. And if you like it, why don't you pass it around and help this thing go viral. Heart of the City* doesn't sing "secular" songs and up to this point, we haven't sung country, but I suppose it will now become one of our big song requests! :) But no matter what ethnicity or denomination you are from out there, you can probably agree that "Brrrrr.....It's cold outside!!"

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