December 11, 2010

Nice Email from Carole in Ireland

(Carole originally emailed me from Ireland asking how to get a tattoo from Miami Ink Legend, Chris Garver)

HI Todd, sorry only getting back to you now.

thanks a mil for the link, I don't know why I didnt come across that
page when looking up Garver. You must be so proud being able to say you have a Chris Garver tattoo & of course at the same time he is probably proud to say he has tattooed the famous Short Arm Guy ha ha. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

I was just on your website & seen the comedy sketch with your
son Luke, its brilliant, he must be one of the most adorable/funny kids in America,also I had no idea he had a heart problem, I hope all his tests go well.

You guys lead such an action packed life, would you ever plan on
coming to Ireland? If you do, you have to let me try & arrange a stand up spot for you in the International Bar Dublin, I reckon they'd love you there, us Irish we love our comedy & comedians who can make fun of themselves(as well as others too ha ha)

All the best

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