April 17, 2011

My Trip To The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

My Trip To The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia
April 17, 2011

On Saturday, Dr. Bollig, Jeff Olson, and I hopped on a couple different airplanes to go to steamy hot Augusta, Georgia. 

We went there to witness the greatest golfers in the world play in the Masters Tournament.  Seeing this statue of Ray Floyd in the airport instantly put us in the mood to go watch some incredible strokes!

We went there as guests of the good folks at Intel Corporation.  They sure are nice people!

We arrived on Saturday, but our tickets were for Sunday's game.  Rather than making us hang out at the airport all night, our hosts rented out a really nice house for us to go and play.

The house had a nice bowling alley in the basement.

And a nice pool in the backyard.  The nice lady who was working at the house said that in the past several years that she worked at this house party, nobody had ever jumped in the pool like we did.  I can see why.  That water was freezing!

The ladies who helped cater the party were so darned nice.  I'm pleased to report that Southern Hospitality is alive and well!

They brought us new kinds of refreshments for us Minnesota boys to sample.  I have to admit, this Southern Cooking was just a bit spicy for my taste.

But it wasn't all fun and games.  We talked a lot of business with good people like Greg who's one of the leading executives at Intel.  Sometimes all the talk about the technology industry can just get to be exhausting.  I think  we all slept pretty good at the end of the night!

Unfortunately they don't allow cameras at the Master's so I don't have very good pictures of the actual tournament.  This one was taken by snapping a photo of my TV screen.  I sat on the edge of the 6th green for most of the day and was inspired at how awesome these guys play the game of golf.  I saw Tiger Woods get a birdie 15 feet in front of my face!!  It definitely was a day I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Ali works for Intel and was our roommate and host for the trip.  He and I weaseled our way into the crowd on the 18th hole and saw most of the players finish the game.  We battled the blistering Georgia sun and the ever growing crowd.  We waited patiently as the leaderboard was changed to show who was moving ahead and who was falling behind.  At one point I counted 9 guys as legitimately having a shot at winning the tournament.  We watched as Charl Schwartzel sank his fourth birdie putt in a row to defy expectations and win the 2011 Green Jacket.  It was an incredible day!

Back home in Minnesota, the Shortarmguy Family had a really quiet weekend laying around the house.  It snowed.

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