April 14, 2011

Tiger and Todd

It has come to my attention that a very close friend of mine thinks I'm making up the fact that I saw Tiger Woods make a birdy directly in front of my face.    Well, it's true and here's the proof.  It was at last weekend's Master's Tournament in Augusta, Georgia on the 6th green where I sat all day sweating bullets in the blistering sun.  For some reason, the folks at CBS chose not to feature me on their broadcast very much.  My personal belief is that they have something against guys with funny arms, but what are you going to do?  Lucky for me, I was able to find this tiny little clip where I can be seen along the edge of the green after Tiger sank the putt.  I shot up out of my chair when he made it, but apparently no one else did.  You can see me embarrassingly sit down and then start doing a gentle golf clap before I'm cut out of the picture again.

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