October 27, 2011

Microsoft's Vision of the Future

I just spent the past 3 days in Redmond, Washington visiting with the good folks at Microsoft 

Here's a photo of us taken by Dan "TheLaptopMan" of PC Laptops in Utah after about 7 hours of us sitting in one of the executive conference rooms at the main Microsoft campus

I think he intentionally whited out part of my head because I know I can't be that bald in real life!

We learned a little bit about Windows 8 and their plans for the future.  

It's going to be so amazing!!

With the upcoming integration of Motion Sensing (Think Kinect), Touch Navigation, and Speech Recognition to interact with devices, we will have opportunities to be more connected to the people we love, more productive, and be entertained in ways we never even imagined before!  

It is going to be an INCREDIBLE WORLD in the very near future!!


Here's a video Microsoft just released showing what they think this future may look like:

If you want to see a glimpse of Windows 8, here you go:

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  1. More evidence of how out of touch MS is with what their customers really need or want