October 9, 2011

Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota

Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota
Shortarmguy's Diary Update for October 9, 2011

Autumn is in the air even if the temperatures aren't showing it.  We're currently on an 8 day streak of temperatures in the eighties!  In October.  In Minnesota!  That's like crazy.  Miss Sheri isn't too impressed though, because the warm weather isn't keeping them dang leaves on the trees.  Those suckers just keep dropping!

On Saturday, we did our good deed for the week by helping the Boy Scouts with their annual food drive.

The morning started off kind of slow, but by the time we left the place was hopping.  Car loads of food just kept coming!  People sure are generous which is nice for the hungry.

Later on Saturday, we headed to Shakopee, Minnesota to visit Sever's Corn Maze.   At first I was confused when I saw a bunch of pumpkins instead of corn, but then I realized we hadn't gone through the entrance yet.

When we arrived, I was taken aback by the fact that the ticket prices were higher than I expected.  How much can these people get away with by making you get lost in a corn field?  But the long line to get in there showed that a lot of people thought it was worth it.  Which we generally thought was true.  The maze itself was just OK in our opinion because we've walked through enough corn fields in our lives to realize that it's not all that exciting.  But they did have a lot of other cool activities which the whole family really enjoyed.

Probably the coolest activity was the giant jumping pillows.  These inflatable bubbles supported dozens of people all hopping up and down at the same time.  It was a lot more challenging than it looked to get my fat butt in the air.  But when I did, the payoff was worth it because every time I landed, I sent kids flying off in all sorts of directions.  It's really fun to launch children high in the air!  Until they land that is.  Then I feel kind of bad for them.

Their petting zoo was one of the best I'd ever seen.  They had all sorts of exotic animals including monkeys, ostriches, cows, kangaroos, bobcats, and even zebras!  I don't really care for llamas though, so I made sure to give these guys a piece of my mind before I left.

Avery really enjoyed slinging pumpkins.  I told him we used to do the exact same thing out of moving cars while we were in high school except we didn't have a slingshot.  I don't think he believed me.

They didn't just have a corn maze.  They also had a maze made of hay bales!  The kids liked jumping from bale to bale while I enjoyed sneezing from all the hay dust that was hanging around this place.

The boys enjoyed burying themselves with a billion kernels in the corn pit!!  Best of all, every time they farted, they would heat up a little handful of popcorn!  It tasted kind of funny, though.

Grandma Linda seemed to be enjoying herself, even though we practically had to drag her into the corn pit.  Apparently she didn't think it was as fun as we did.  The joy of picking nuggets of corn out of your underwear must be more of a generational thing I guess.

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