October 2, 2011

Nice Email from a Student in Houston, Texas

Hi Mr.Todd!

Today my teacher had told us a story about short arm guy and all my classmates discussed like crazy with it!!

Your story inspiring me Mr.Todd. You have very great confidence, you always proud of what you had no matter how hard your life is. You easily caught everyone attention with your life outlook and funny websites, I watched all of them. I show it to my family, somehow we all got interested. We read so much about you Mr.Todd, how your past, how you came over with your life's struggle and how you make it a legend. 

Hey Mr.Todd, if it not a bother, this is a crazy question that I always want to get an answer from you, if you see someone with longer arms, he has the same strength as you and he want to compete with you, who get more advantages? Maybe you found it weird. But thanks Todd. I hopes everything well in your life.

----- Ms.Valentine


  1. I wasn't sure how to answer it to be honest with you. I guess I don't match myself physically with people with "longer arms" much any more so I couldn't think of a recent example to reference.