November 20, 2011

First Snow of 2011

First Snow of 2011

Shortarmguy's Diary Update for November 20, 2011

Mystic Lake Casino has a brand new multimedia display outside on their big road sign and I learned this week that they used a couple graphics servers I designed for them to power the video.  Therefore, I find it to be the coolest sign I've ever seen in my entire life!

It certainly felt like Christmas was in the air this weekend.  Not only did we get our first snowfall of the season, but we also had the opportunity to help Boy Scout Troop 331 set up their delivery of wreaths and Christmas trees for their annual Christmas Tree Lot Fundraiser in Prior Lake.

There were a lot of boxes of Christmas Wreaths to be unloaded and sorted.  Avery and Aaron stayed in this position for about 15 minutes because neither one of them wanted to be the guy who had to walk backwards.

Luke seemed like he was helping out quite a bit, but in all actuality was probably walking around in a circle for an hour or so with the same wreath.  He's our little Lolly Gagger.

After our tree lot obligations were complete, we decided to take the boys and a couple of friends bowling in Eden Prairie.  Naturally, that's when the first snowfall of the season started to fall.  I read online that 200 car accidents happened in the Twin Cities around the time that we made our venture to the bowling alley.  Lucky for us, we weren't in one of them.

The boys seemed to have a lot of fun playing their first game, but by the middle of the second game we found ourselves needing to drag them out of the arcade to take their turns.  I guess bowling just doesn't thrill the kids the way it used to back in my day!

Although the snow was pretty slippery on the roads, Avery discovered there really wasn't much to make a snowman.  He insisted to me that he created a really small one and was trying to show it to me here, but I couldn't see it.

I told Sunny I'd take him down to the lake to throw him the ball and go swimming, but was a little distressed when I got down there and discovered it to be frozen.  When I tried to explain the situation to Sunny, he just looked at me like he couldn't understand what I was saying.

So I went ahead and threw the ball down the beach, but of course it had to bounce off to the left and roll way out on the thin ice.  It was then that Sunny discovered that this stuff wasn't much fun to walk on.

He whined at his ball for awhile and looked at me as if pleading for me to go get it for him.  When I told him no way and that we were done with ball throwing for the day, he decided to venture out to get it.  He'd walk for awhile and fall through.  Then walk for awhile and fall through.  He'd swim against the ice cutting into his chest and try to pull himself up on to it only to fall right back through again.  Just as I started to fear for his safety, he thrust forward and snagged his beloved tennis ball.  Then he ran back to me and begged me to throw it again.  I'm thinking this may be our last swimming event of 2011 which really sucks.  Because that means that winter is coming.


  1. You forgot the disclaimer, "No Golden Retrievers were harmed in the making of this blog" . . .

  2. You're the second person to say that to me today....he was fine and was begging to do it again and again.

    The dog ain't right in the head when it comes to swimming!