November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Shortarmguy's Diary Update for November 6, 2011

I thought my boys were getting too old for trick or treating, but that's all they wanted to do this Halloween.  Luckily, they found a soldier, a Jamaican, an escaped convict, and a Ninja to join them as they went begging for candy.

Has anyone else noticed that Halloween seems a lot more vicious now than it was when we were kids?  Maybe it's just me.

Poor Luke.  He just doesn't quite get the concept that he's supposed to be scared of these creatures.  Every time he sees a scary ghoul like this, he tries to approach them to "Discuss Their Problems".  I guess he's just watched too much Oprah in his life.

On Wednesday, I attended the local Intel Technology Conference to learn what Intel thinks is happening in the computer industry and the areas where they think we can make money.    It seems to me that life would be a lot simpler if they would just give us a bunch of money, but apparently things don't get to work that way.

I've been having some weird pains in my lower back the past few weeks, so my doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to go to the hospital to get a "Cat Scan".  I haven't seen the results yet, but if they find out that I have a cat inside me I'm going to be damned surprised.

On Friday night, we went to the retirement party of our family hero, Dr. Singh.  He's been Luke and Avery's cardiologist since Miss Sheri was only 3 months pregnant.  He's guided us through a lot of scary times in our lives and we're really going to miss his guidance.  That being said, if anyone deserves to retire and relax for the rest of their lives, I know this guy does.  

Apparently we weren't the only ones who felt this way.  We arrived at 5:30pm and were surprised that the place was packed.  We later heard that Dr. Singh's patients started showing up at 3:30pm and the line to see him didn't end until well past 7:30pm.  It's amazing to get a glimpse at how many families that this man has helped throughout the years.  Thanks so much for everything you've done for us, Dr. Singh!!!

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