December 7, 2011

Nice Email from Mrs. Tarr in Clear Lake, Iowa

Hi, Todd,

I am sure someone has already told you that you are mentioned in today's Mirror Reporter, in the 25 years go column!!!! 

The Clear Lake varsity wrestling lineup includes: 

Todd Swank, 98
Pat King, 105
Hai Le, 112
Shawn Claude 119 
Steve Carew 126
David Wempen 132
Jason Davis or Tony Spencer 138
Scott Barragy  145
Jon Jackson  155
Neal Neuberger 167
Brian Benner 185
Mike Oberbroeckling, Hwt

Mrs. Tarr 

Nobody has told me that! Awesome!!! 

I was just a little guy back then! 

I think each of my legs weigh 98 pounds now! :) 

Todd Swank

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