December 1, 2011

Nor-Tech's High Performance

John Gessner of Thisweek Newspapers in Burnsville, Minnesota wrote a great article about Nor-Tech.  Here's an excerpt:

Burnsville company evolves from parts sales to sophisticated computing systems. 

The brand-new digital sign in front of Mystic Lake Casino is controlled by a high-performance computing system designed and built by Burnsville firm Nor-Tech. 

A Nor-Tech supercomputer helped Boeing analyze 170 distinct noise readings from an aircraft under development. 

The company, which started as a high-volume computer components dealer but now makes most of its profits from high-performance clusters and supercomputers, has even done business with DARPA, the Defense Department’s high-tech development arm. 

“We’ve sold them to MIT,” said Todd Swank, Nor-Tech’s vice president of marketing. “We’ve sold multiple units to the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin.” 

With 48,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office space on Cliff Road in north Burnsville, Nor-Tech (short for Northern Computer Technologies) isn’t the same company that opened in smaller Cliff Road quarters in 1998. Nor-Tech still sells computer parts and builds its own line of personal computers under its Voyageur brand. But it’s the really high-tech stuff that has helped the company make its mark and improve its bottom-line performance. 

“That’s where we’ve exploded in the last five years,” Nor-Tech President David Bollig said.

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