December 11, 2011

Nor-Tech 2011 Christmas Party

Nor-Tech 2011 Christmas Party 

Shortarmguy's Diary Update for December 11, 2011

The week started on a somber note as I headed down to Clear Lake, Iowa for the Celebration of Life of our old friend, Lincoln Allen.  Although the reason for our getting together was a real bummer, it was very nice seeing all these guys for a few hours.

The boys had two different band concerts which gave them the chance to dress up in fancy ties for the evening.  It's one of their favorite activities in life!

Luke plays percussion and Avery plays trombone.  They both earned the right to be in the Prior Lake Middle School Honor Band this year which made me extremely proud!  Until I learned that it meant I had to go to two different band concerts in the same week.  That's a whole lotta band music to sit through!  But it turned out to be quite pleasant, so I kept my belly aching to a minimum.

On Saturday afternoon, it was our turn to take a shift working at the Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot.  Lucky for us, we had pretty nice weather so we didn't become Popsicles while we hawked our wares at everyone who drove up to see us.

The boys did a nice job at helping customers select their trees and prepare them for their delivery home.  I was happy to see them working so hard.  Of course, some shenanigans were inevitable to occur as well, but thankfully the damage was kept to a minimum.  Luke was very lucky that Avery couldn't figure out how to squeeze him through this tree bagging machine, else he'd still be wrapped up today!

On Saturday Night, Dr. and Lady Bollig invited the whole Nor-Tech crew to their home for the company's annual Christmas Party.  A good time was had by all!

The food and drinks were flowing and the rooms were filled with happy conversations and laughter.  I swore that I also faintly heard noises that resembled large farm animals, but I could never quite confirm it.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Steve and Craig turned towards one another and there was an awkward pause of silence.  Then they both suddenly grinned, tears started pouring out of their eyes, and they started madly embracing one another.  Apparently, they had just discovered that they're long lost identical twins.  It was one of the happiest reunions I've ever witnessed.

Several of us stayed until the wee hours of the morning and the place seemed to just keep getting rowdier and rowdier.

But as is our rule in general, when the guys and girls start wrestling one another on the floor, it's time for Todd and Miss Sheri to go home.

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