December 20, 2009

Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Mandate Looms

Todd Swank, vice president of marketing at Microsoft Gold Certified partner Nor-Tech, sent 50 of his customers feedback surveys and within six weeks had the requisite 10 completes.

“So at first I was like, OK, we’ve got to do this to get Microsoft certified, but when it was all said and done and we got the consolidated results and could see what people were saying it was was eye-opening,” Swank said.

Nor-Tech, a 45 employee firm based in Burnsville, Minn., is a Microsoft small business specialist that also focuses on system building and high-performance computing. Swank said the first iteration of survey results told him that the company was on the right track with customers, but he lamented that the questions were too vanilla and not able to be customized for his business.

“They didn’t let us add our own questions to the survey, which would have been nice because it really looked like it was written by the Microsoft marketing department,” he said.

Bennani heard similar feedback from other partners and adjusted. Partners are now allowed to add their own questions to the standard survey to help elicit responses tailored and relevant to their specific business. The surveys are also co-branded between the partner and Microsoft.

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