December 16, 2009

Shortarmguy Family Christmas Letter 2009

Happy Birthday!

Whoops. We meant Merry Christmas. Sorry about that!

Well, here we are trying to write another nice Christmas letter where we pretend nothing but glorious things happened to us in the past year. But, we just can't do it. As far as we're concerned, the year 2009 can Suck It!

It started out with the simultaneous collapse of the stock market and real estate market which basically wiped out a whole bunch of our life savings. We tried to look at the bright side of things and tell each other that we didn't really like that money anyways, but it didn't seem to help.

In May, Todd had the bright idea of letting someone he'd never met before shoot lasers in his eyes to try to correct his vision. The surgery went good for the first few weeks then one beautiful morning, Todd woke up, opened his eyelids, and peeled off a big layer of his cornea. He ended up blind in that eye for a few days and it took a couple of months for his vision to get back to normal. Thank God, things seem pretty good for his eyes now.

July rolled around and we lost Sheri's father due to complications from heart surgery. Larry Haack was a wonderful husband and father and is greatly missed by his family. We like to think of him as being up in heaven, smiling down on us while riding the nicest John Deere Tractor that God can create and enjoying the great harvest in the sky!

We also had a bunch of other stuff happen to us that we're too ashamed to discuss. We're sure you'll eventually read about it in the newspapers.

Things weren't all bad, though. We did have some neat things occur. Because of his heart condition, Luke received a wish from the Wishes and More Organization. He told them he wanted to be a comedian and ended up performing in front of hundreds of people on two separate occasions. He received a standing ovation both times and his head has now grown so big that it barely fits through standard doorways. We also had the chance to meet comedy legend, Louie Anderson, which was awesome. After Luke saw him perform, he added three new swear words to his comedy routine which made us all laugh and laugh!

Avery had a great year playing basketball with a couple of teams at school. Although he's still one of the smallest kids on the floor, he makes up for it with spunk and tenacity. It also doesn't hurt that we make him drink three Monster Energy Drinks before each game.

For 2010, we'll be following the lead of Tiger Woods and taking an indefinite break from playing golf. We're guessing our break might end about the time the snow melts, but you never can tell.

We hope you all achieve your dreams in 2010!

The Shortarmguy Family

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