November 7, 2010

Mall of America Microsoft Store Grand Opening --- Shortarmguy Diary Update for November 7, 2010

Mall of America Microsoft Store Grand Opening

Shortarmguy Diary Update for November 7, 2010

The boys had a great time trick or treating this year, but sadly didn't invite me to go with them.  It's too bad because my little princess outfit would have been simply smashing!

On Monday night, I had to pull the old scouting shirt out of storage so I could help the Boy Scouts earn their salesmanship merit badges.  Of course, some of my fellow co-workers at Nor-Tech don't think I'm qualified to help them learn how to sell, but what the heck do they know?

On Tuesday, Miss Sheri and I woke up really early so we could go out and do our Civic Duty and vote.  I voted, but stressed out all day that I didn't fill in my ovals with enough black ink. I'd hate not to have a say in our county's soil and water commissioner this time around!!


On Saturday, we went to the Mall of America!

The main reason for our visit was to see the Grand Opening of the brand new Microsoft Store!  It was crowded as heck!!  I'm not sure if all the people were there to buy Microsoft Stuff or collect some of the goodies they were giving away or to see the Kelly Clarkson concert they had there to commemorate the event.  Whatever the reason, they were jammed in the store to do it!

I find Microsoft's store location selection pretty funny!  It's literally right across the hallway from the Apple Store!  I'm guessing the animosity will continuously grow until they start having direct confrontations and will begin chucking iPads and Xboxes at one another!!  I'm going to start hanging out nearby and hopefully collect some of the collateral damages!

We found a lot of the stuff they were showcasing to be pretty cool, but the Microsoft Surface display was probably our favorite!  We just can't get enough touching experiences in our video games!

One of the latest technologies they were highlighting was the new Kinect system where "You get to be the controller!"   I guess a lot of people don't have dreams to "Be the Controller" based on the number of units that wre there and not flying off the shelves!

While we were at the Mall, we felt that we absolutely had to stop by and see our favorite fishes at Underwater Adventures!  As Luke discovered, it's hard to tickle their bellies through the glass, though.

Grandma Linda Loves The Fishes Because They're So Delicious!

For lunch, we were joined by our old buddy, Jason Hornbuckle, Jen, and her beautiful twin daughters.  They told us the awesomely exciting news that they've just opened their own family optical store in Plymouth, Minnesota!  They're just getting started, but you'd be helping them out a great deal and you'd be getting some of the highest fashion glasses available by checking them out at!!  Good luck, guys!  

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