November 7, 2010

Todd Swank Quoted in Two Technology Articles This Week

Intel To Bundle Symantec Backup Express With Servers, Motherboards

Todd Swank, Vice President, Marketing at Nor-Tech, a US-based system builder, said that Intel, by offering such software with its motherboards and systems, shows it is really focused on smaller system builders.

"If you are a smaller system builder, getting good discounts is hard," Swank said. "By negotiating contracts with larger ISVs, Intel helps us compete better with larger server companies like IBM, HP, and Dell."

Intel has offered Symantec anti-virus software in the past to its system builders. However, the vendor recently acquired Symantec competitor McAfee, and has yet to state how it will work with the channel on the security side.

Swank said that the deal with Symantec to resell Backup Express was probably made before Intel's acquisition of McAfee. "These kind of deals take time," he said.

AMD Executive Declares End Of Core-Count Wars

Todd Swank, vice president of marketing at Burnsville, Minn.-based system builder Nor-Tech, says while the number of cores on a single die may no longer be significant, there will likely soon be a new feature in the architecture that will create an arms race in CPU technology.

"It wasn’t long ago that the only thing customers wanted was a faster clock speed when they made their purchase decisions and number of cores wasn’t even part of the decision process because all CPU’s were single core," Swank said, adding "Now, you hear very little from customers regarding clock speed and it’s all about the number of cores."

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