February 17, 2011

Email Response to Post: Egyptian Enforcement Wear

Hey, fun pics from Egypt – but they made me think of this article. It was posted by my sister and tells about how the young people organized the revolt via social media…..and INSTRUCTED thru FB, etc. on how to get ready to revolt against the government. Wearing water bottles was one idea mentioned! No buns/baguettes…but I guess ya gotta improvise when you don’t have much.

Anyhow, it’s an interesting read about how social media is bringing about change – not a funny article, but just enlightening…interesting, whatever you want to call it. So thought you might like it, in light of these pictures!


The article about Egypt:


My Response:

That is a fascinating article! I'm really encouraged by what is happening in the Middle East. I believe all of these protests are going to lead to a wave of democracy over there. I can't believe all these young people who have access to the Internet now and can now see what's real in the world will want to focus on bringing death and destruction to the west. Instead, they'll want to focus on bringing peace and prosperity to their own countries. Then what a wonderful world it will be!


Todd Swank

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