February 6, 2011

Ice Skating....More Like Ice Falling

Ice Skating....More Like Ice Falling
Shortarmguy Diary Update for February 6, 2011
So Miss Sheri and I started to grow really frustrated with how big we look in our pictures.  So last November we decided to do something about it and joined our neighborhood fitness club, Dakotah Sport and Fitness.  It really sucks!
Some days we walk and run this track.  We're up to about a mile and a third per visit running for about a third of that time.  Usually about 3 laps into it, all I can think about is jumping over the railing to land headfirst on the basketball court two stories below.  That usually just seems much more appealing than going around the track any more.

Other days we lift weights at 10 different stations in a timed room called the circuit.  We lift weights for a minute and then have 20 seconds to switch to the next machine.  We do that for about 15 minutes until we go through each of the different weight machines.  I then usually throw up or pass out depending on how much energy I have left.

Recently, we decided to add a little cardio on the days we do the circuit, so we now do the stairclimbing machines for 10 minutes on those days as well.  It's the worst piece of torture equipment I've ever experienced.  Luke and I aren't actually using the machine in this picture, otherwise there'd be no way I would be smiling.  Normally when I'm doing it my expression is mixed somewhere between pained and terrified. 

On Saturday, we took advantage of another amenity available to us at the fitness club and rented some ice skates so we could hit the rink!  None of us had ever really been ice skating before this.  It's kind of a silly sport mainly because it looks a heck of a lot easier than it actually is.  I used to be a pretty good roller skater, but this was much harder.  That ice is pretty slippery!  My ankles became really sore so I took a lot of breaks.  Luckily, none of us left the place with any broken bones.   Only a bit of broken pride.

I was proud of the boys.  They gave it their all!  Especially Avery.  I think he was laying down on the ice as much as he was standing on it, but by the time we left he was doing it pretty good!  Skating that is, not falling.

Miss Sheri and I held hands a lot to prevent ourselves from falling.  I tried this strategy with the boys also, but they didn't seem that interested.

On Sunday night, we were invited to watch the Super Bowl with our friends, Karl and Tina, Zitzewitz.   We couldn't wait to hang out with these wild and crazy people!

Karl's dad, Peter, lives in Wisconsin.  He brought this weird colored cheese for us to enjoy while watching the Packers win the big game.  I'd never eaten green and gold cheese before, but I have to admit it wasn't too bad.  Much better than watching them dang Packers win another Super Bowl!!  Next year is gonna be the Vikings year!!  We're so due it's not even funny!

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