February 20, 2011

Luke and Avery's First Band Concert --- Shortarmguy's Diary Entry for February 20, 2011

Luke and Avery's First Band Concert 
Shortarmguy's Diary Entry for February 20, 2011

On Thursday night, we had the chance to go to Luke and Avery's first band concert of their lives.  I've been so enjoying hearing the boys play their instruments at home for the past 6 months that I just couldn't wait for the opportunity to hear hundreds of 6th graders all play their instruments at the same time.  I was prepared for musical greatness!
   The boys were so excited to put on their ties and other dress clothes.  Almost as excited as they were to have their pictures taken while wearing said clothing.  Luckily, I was able to snap one photo of the both of them smiling at the same time.  The rest of the photos of them show nothing but anger.
Luke played the percussion instruments including the marimba, snare drum, and bass drum.  I also think I saw him use his sticks to hit one of the kids in front of him, but I can't be sure.

Avery played the trombone and seemed to enjoy it.  I can't be sure because when I tried to go up and see him in his section before the concert, he yelled at me and ran away before I could determine his emotional state.  That boy sure doesn't like it when I try to take his picture while he's sitting with his classmates!

On Friday night, I tried something new and went to the Canterbury Downs poker room to try my hand at some Texas Hold 'Em.  I've been playing a lot on my iPhone lately so I thought it would be fun to play against real people.  I discovered I do much better when I'm playing against the people inside my phone with fake money.

I met up with my old buddy, Jason Hornbuckle, to play cards with me and several strangers.  For some reason, Jason didn't want me to take his picture.  He's just a little shy, I guess. 

On Saturday, we took the boys and their friend, Chris, to the Mall of America. 

We had plans to have a quick bite to eat before we went to Underwater Adventures.  Sadly, every other person in the state of Minnesota thought it would be fun to go to the mall and have a bite to eat at exactly the same time.  Avery just loves waiting a half hour to be able to buy a slice of pizza!

This was the first time Chris had visited Underwater Adventures.  I think he liked it.  He probably would have liked it more had the two sharks he was looking at in this picture suddenly decided to engage in a battle to the death.  I know I would have.

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