March 6, 2011

Nice Email from Deb

Hey Todd…

I could get lost in these sites all day!! (I’ve got to get something done around this house before my husband comes home and asks questions!! Hahaha) I LOVED the youtube video of Luke. I had no idea that Luke (and Avery too?) had heart problems. For whatever reason it made me all choked up.. You guys really are an inspiration. And the Miami Ink show was especially good cuz it told your story about what it was like for you growing up. You must have great parents who helped you recognize your gifts. I don’t know that I do that very well with my own kids. And look at your boys now… you certainly have kept that strong parenting thing going. You and Sheri and amazing.

I will definitely check your website again. You seem to transform everyday life into an adventure. What a great life lesson.

Thanks for your humor and positive attitude. You’re an inspiration!


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