May 24, 2011

Disappointment With Shortarmguy Over Recent Post: slam dunk Jesus??

I just received this email regarding this post:


I cant believe the Macho man picture. As a Christian man I'm really disappointed that you find humor in disgracing our Savior. I have enjoyed your site for a long time, but after viewing such a abomination I wont be back to your site. I'm sure you don't care anyway I'm just one person. My prayers are with you

R.L.J Kyoshi.
Mr. Kyoshi,
First off, I'd like to say Thanks for being a long time visitor to my site.
I really appreciate your feedback and am sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding this post.  Honestly, I debated if it was worth posting because I feared some people might find it offensive.
Ultimately, I decided to use the picture because I found it funny.  I didn't really think it was an abomination because I took it more as making fun of the guy who predicted the Rapture.  I found it crazy that so many people were paying attention to it. 
I also was a fan of Randy 'Macho Man' Savage and wanted to pay homage to him due to his unfortunate death last week.  I liked the idea of him "Saving the World" from the Rapture that was supposed to take place on Saturday.  I really didn't take it literally that he was attacking Jesus, but more that he was attacking the idiocy of the prediction and the society that gave it so much undeserved attention.
I hope you will reconsider your position about not visiting my site again.  I used poor judgment in this case and will do my best to avoid similar parodies in the future.
Your friend,
Todd Swank aka Shortarmguy


  1. shame. It's not putting down Jesus but the California doomsday preacher who fails to realize that all the angels in Heaven don't know the hour of the Rapture.

  2. Theres always one person who will find something offensive. I dont think you have anything to apologise for Todd. I Hope you and your family are well and keep making people smile!

  3. Oh wahhhhh, get over it. It was funny. If you don't like it, thats fine, you can choose to skip it and move on. It didn't damage you in anyway. Keep up the great posts Todd, you do an awesome job.

  4. Mr. R.L.J Kyoshi a sense of humor he has not. Being a believer as you are (I think cause you showed pictures of church) you would not out and out show an off color item but, as with all humor some will take offense.Our Lord has to have a very good sense of humor cause look at all of us.Keep up the site and plow ahead. Tim

  5. Mr Swank

    Thank you for replying to my e mail and clearing the air as far as understanding your intentions for posting the image.
    while scrolling down the page as I usually do and always enjoying what you post (you have brightened many a gloomy day) when I came to the image it hit me like a ton of bricks and I lingered there in disbelief of what I saw. You have always impressed me as a good man. I have the utmost respect for you .Please excuse my misunderstanding of your intentions I should have know better or at least could have worded my e mail differently. All that you and your wonderful family have been thru from what I have read you have a close and personal relationship with our Savior. I agree with your feelings about the rapture prediction. I have also been a fan of the Macho Man and understand how you viewed it. Please forgive me for being so quick to judge.

    RLJ Kyoshi

  6. Todd,

    Made my weekly visit to your website today. Sorry to hear that one of your readers took umbrage to the Macho cartoon. Personally, I thought it was pee your pants funny. I'm glad you posted it. It made my day and I passed it on to many friends. Some people will always find offense at anything and in our culture, we have the freedom to jest without having being declared heretics and having clerics call for our death. Some people just need to take a serious gulp of koolaid and lighten the hell up. Anyway, I thought you handled the situation well, and don't go changing because some readers have too thin of skin.

    Best Regards,