May 8, 2011

Spring Is Finally In The Air!

Spring Is Finally In The Air!
Shortarmguy Diary Update for May 8, 2011

 In Minnesota, Spring started so late we were under the impression that the sun had imploded and was beginning the journey into becoming a black hole.  Apparently we were mistaken and finally discovered it peeking through the ugly clouds that had been hanging above us for the past several months.  So the boys and I took Sunny to our favorite hangout in the neighbor's backyard.

Although the water is still a bit too cold for us two legged creatures, Sunny loves to be in there the second the ice disappears.  That dog cares nothing about shrinkage!

We like having access to the raft so we can give Sunny a launching pad to chase the balls.  He doesn't get nearly as much HOP when he takes off from the shore.

We have to be careful not to send him too far, though, otherwise he has a tendency to bump into boats.

On Friday night, we invited three more pre-teen boys to sleep over at our house.  Naturally, we had to burn stuff while they were here.  Sadly, we missed burning off all of their excess energy before they went to bed and had to keep shouting down into the basement all night to "Shut Up and Go To Sleep!"

On Saturday, it was the nicest day of the week.  So the boys were so excited when we reminded them that we were spending the day doing community service with the Boy Scouts!! 

Our mission was to clean up a two mile stretch of highway just outside Prior Lake.  Our team consisted of myself and 7 boys as we covered one side and one mile of the road.  We did awesome for the first two thirds of it!!!  The last third.....not so much.

Miss Sheri's team covered the other side of the road, so we got to wave at each other a lot throughout the project.  Our tasks were to try to warn traffic we were there and keep the boys away from the street to ensure everyone had a safe experience.  Most drivers were very cool and slowed down while they passed us.  But some people were real jerks and kept speeding right by us.  One guy even seemed to be swearing at me for slowing down the cars in front of him.  Some people are just funny like that.  I guess we incovenienced him by cleaning up the road that day!

It ended up being more work than we anticipated, but it felt good at the end when we saw how much crap we picked up.  I gotta remember that the next time I'm driving down the road and get the urge to throw something out of the window!!
   We decided to do something mellow with the rest of our day and went to see Thor 3D.  We all loved it!  The 3D was the best I've seen since Avatar and the story was surprisingly engaging.  It was much more like Iron Man 1 than Iron Man 2.  I love Natalie Portman and she was excellent as the hero's love interest.  All in all, the movie gets one Big Thumb Up from me!

On Sunday, it was Mother's Day.  So the boys and I took Miss Sheri and Grandma Linda to church and then for a great meal at the local IHOP.  Nothing is too fancy for the mothers in our lives!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies out there!

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