May 15, 2011

The Shortarmguy Family's First Boat Ride of 2011

The Shortarmguy Family's First Boat Ride of 2011
Shortarmguy Diary Update for May 15, 2011

On Tuesday night, Luke and Avery had their last band concert of the year.  Avery was absolutely thrilled to be there.

The boys really enjoyed the experience of playing in a band this year.  And their parents just LOVED listening to them practice every day!

   Mr. Schmitz was an awesome band teacher.  We'll be sad to not have him next year.  Maybe the boys will be so sad, that it will inspire them to create a tearful song telling the story of their first band teacher.  Wouldn't that be a fitting tribute?  Either that or maybe they could get a tattoo with his image instead.  One or the other.

 On Wednesday morning before school, Luke looked in the backyard and saw that we had a special visitor.  We all thought he was so cute!  That was until later when our neighbor told us that raccoons can actually be quite little vicious animals and many of them have rabies.  So we've all vowed not to pet one should we have the chance to do so in the future.

For the weekend, we had another special visitor.  Grandma Joyce came all the way up from Branson, Missouri to see us.  She'd been waiting throughout the long winter because she wanted to visit us when it was warm outside.  Ha ha. We fooled her!!!  Even though it was already the middle of May, we still only had forty five degree weather!!   You just gotta love Minnesota!  Since it was so nice out, we went to the Prior Lake Farmer's Market and shopped in the freezing rain.

  This guy deserves a raise.  For the hour we were there, he stood in the rain, dancing to music, waving cars in off the street, all while dressed as a large tomato.  Some people might have a bad attitude about a job like that.

After buying bread and nuts in the rain, we decided to go dry off at the trendiest new restaurant in Burnsville.  Burger Jones. We were quite pleased.  Good beers.  Good burgers.  Good milkshakes.  Good food!

On Sunday, we saw sunshine so we decided to jump on the boat and get it out on the water before the subzero temperatures re-appeared.  We didn't see a lot of other boats except for fishermen.  It was cold, but the fresh air felt good on our lungs.  Now we're just hoping that it doesn't develop into pneumonia. 

The boys like when Grandma Joyce comes on the boat with us because she brings chocolate chip cookies.  I'm not as fond of it because she also brings chocolate chip cookie crumbs!

  Grandma Joyce brought her new 7 month old puppy with her.   Sunshine is an Old English Sheepdog.  Our dog, Sunny, really liked her at first, but quickly realized that he's no longer a puppy.  Keeping up with her is a lot of work!  She likes to herd Sunny like he's a Golden Sheep and he's not very fond of it.  He's ready for her to go back to Branson any time now.  Then he'll start working on healing all the gaping bite wounds he's endured on his legs, neck and ears!

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