April 11, 2010

Nice Emails of the Week - April 10, 2010

Hello from Poland :)

I just thought you might need this some time - "kocham Ciê" is I love you in polish ;) I've seen this on your site this week and thought it might be useful. It's just great to see how passionate you are with all your family. Sometimes I wonder, how hard it is to capture the whole week just in few pages in the web - I'm not sure I'm able to...That's the second time I write to you, and for the second time, I've got the same problem - what can I give, what can I expose to tell something about me and me family..? Well we don't have any children - probably we will have them never...but still we're tiring to figure our lives out, knowing we must be the best of us each other. It's not easy, it's not easy being 27 and knowing you'll have to replace all the love your wife would give and assume from her children...It's even harder because you know you have to give twice more...or should you give twice or triple more every time, no matter if you have a child or not...Anyway - it's good to see you're doing fine, it's good to see that your family is the most important part of your life (I've went through your site, I know where your work, but I really don't know what you're doing in your job - and that's fine). It's something I have to learn, and it's something I'm trying to learn every Monday, while I read your site...

Thanks a lot. Best wishes from Poland.


I live in Vista, just north of San Diego and felt Sunday’s quake big time.

I work in the basement of a 8 story hospital so we’re all
paranoid now… I made this after getting home from work Monday… 

Made myself chuckle… may make one for real…. lol

Have a good weekend Buddy.

Mad Doc

Hey man!

I saw this at the grocery store and took a picture of it will my cell----found it to be hilarious! I showed the wife the can and she just looked at me with that "will you grow" up look but I was laughing too much to care. It was in the International food isle under "Britain"---who would have known? I've never heard of this kind of pudding but no matter how hungry I would be, I'd pass.


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