August 22, 2010

Judy's Pool is like a Hidden Paradise!

Shortarmguy Diary Update for August 21, 2010
Judy's Pool is like a Hidden Paradise!

This is Judy and Sonya.  Sonya is my co-worker's wife and Judy is her sister.  Judy has an incredible house with a backyard just like that of the Garden of Eden!  They were nice enough to invite us over for an afternoon of swimming on Saturday afternoon.  After 4 hours with the Swank Family, I'm sure they regretted their decision!

This is my old pal, Bob.  We've worked together for about 15 years now.  How he was lucky enough to land a woman like Sonya, I'll never know!

We tried to get a nice picture of Bob and Sonya together, but Avery insisted it looked better with him in it.

Another co-worker of mine, Sean, was there with his wife, Anne.  They were mainly there just to out-cute the rest of us.

We were all a little frightened at first to go swimming, but I took care of that by wrestling the large shark that inhabited the pool. 

After I was through with him, though, that sucker was tame enough for us to take turns riding him!  Call me the Shark Whisperer!

Avery was quite happy to be able to swim with such a colorful raft.  I'm not sure why.

Luke liked swimming for awhile, but found much more happiness chasing frogs.  And more happiness beyond that by releasing them in the pool where the rest of us were swimming!

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