August 19, 2010

Regarding The Legend of Short Arm Guy --- Nice Email of the Week from Jorge in Houston, TX

was great finding your site.

I found it while trying to find out where the email which talks about how easy kids have it now a days with all the technology they have.

I read your legend of Short Arm guy.

I am a HS science teacher and I like to expose the kids to the different varieties of human there are. U are a survivor. That will be cool to them.

I tried to copy and paste your story so I could make an assignment out it ( just deleting your section of losing your virginity). Can you send me a copy I can use of "the legend of ShortArmGuy"?

I also want to do have the classes do writing assignment based on the initial email that had me searching for it's origins. Sort of read this article and talk to your parents and how has this technology made things different.

would tremendously appreciate it!

I notice you had shirts for sale.... I didnt look up the price how much are they?


jorge in Houston texas

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