August 12, 2010

An Open Letter To Tony Robbins

Dear Mr. Robbins,

We don't know each other, but I've been a fan of yours for more than 20 years. 

I was really fond of your new NBC TV Show:

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

I just heard that NBC canceled the series. 

That's a real bummer. 

My wife and I were very inspired by both of the episodes that we saw. 

It's sad with all the doom and gloom in the world, that positive programming like yours can't find a place on NBC's schedule. 

Lucky for us, they replaced it with some highly intellectual programming in it's place:

The reason I'm writing is because I like you

You help people.

You tell them that they have the power inside themselves to face their own problems and fix them. 

You let them know that to have a great life it's going to take a lot of hard work, but the payoff is more than worth it.  

Hard work doesn't seem to be a very popular concept in this country any more. 

It seems to me that too many people want somebody else to fix their problems for them.
I don't think that attitude helps our society.
But I'm doing my part to follow your lead and give back to my fellow man.
I spend about 10 hours every week building my website to try to make people laugh.  I also try to find and share inspiring and interesting tidbits from around the net.

My site started about 11 years ago. 
My wife Sheri and I had just given birth to some awesome twin boys. 
I wanted to name them Hank and Frank Swank, but the names Luke and Avery Swank eventually won out.
Unfortunately, our boys were born with pretty serious heart conditions.  We went through a lot of scary times, long stays in the hospital and 14 different surgeries between the two boys.

Here's an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune about these days in our lives.

I started my website shortly after they were born.  It started as a way for me to update my friends and family on the boys' progress and quickly devolved into a way for me to share crazy emails and show off funny videos I found around the internet. 

My site has had brushes with fame, but I haven't hit the big time yet.  I'm still working on it.  The closest I came was getting a tattoo on a Reality TV Show called Miami Ink which used to air on TLC:

They canceled the series shortly after this episode aired, so I kind of know how you feel about this whole NBC thing.

And because you're one of my personal heros, I had an idea that just might cheer you up!

I want to make you an offer. 

Send me the rest of your TV Episodes and I'll post them for you on

For free!!!!

Sure, my site may only get a couple thousand page views a day compared to the millions of viewers you had on NBC, but I think my growth rate is much better than theirs!

After the way they handled that whole Leno/Conan thing, I don't think they know what they're doing.

Follow me, kid, and I'll take you places!!!!

Contact me at if interested!!!

If this doesn't sound like a good fit for you, I still want to wish you the best of luck in any of your other future endeavors.

You're the best!


Todd Swank
aka Shortarmguy

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