August 8, 2010

Shortarmguy Diary Entry for August 8, 2010

This photo was taken on July 3, 2010 on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.  The boat in the background is the Branson Belle.  The reason I'm posting a classic photo for this week's diary entry is somewhat interesting.  It goes back to last Friday when I decided to get some long overdue work done on my penis.  I had the big V procedure performed.  I'd planned to post a photo of me on the operating table at the top of this page for my weekly Shortarmguy photo.  The nurse took a picture of me before the doctor started cutting up one of the favorite parts of my body.  I then went home for a weekend spent getting really intimate with a frozen bag of peas.  Well, we were really out of our regular routine and somehow I left my camera in my shorts pocket.  Miss Sheri being the ever vigilant housewife that she is, grabbed my shorts and threw them in the laundry.  She promises she checked my pockets, but the darn camera was just missed.  I certainly don't blame her, but it is a bummer to lose my favorite Canon Powershot!  But don't worry, friends of, a new camera has already been ordered and should be here within the next week or so.  Until then, I'm going to have to come up with creative new ways to get photos.  The following are some shots I found on my old camera which Miss Sheri sometimes uses when I'm not around.

Earlier this summer, I posted THIS VIDEO of Luke's first time mowing the lawn.  I didn't realize that Miss Sheri had also taken a photo of Avery's first mow job, but here it is.  I think he's much more of a natural farmer than his brother is.

Luke went through a community education Theater Camp.  He never really told me much about it, but judging from his expression in this photo taken at their final play, he sure doesn't look too excited to be there!

I think I was in Seattle the night this photo was taken.  The boy's had just earned their First Aid Merit Badges and obviously were quite happy about it!

I've posted a lot of photos of the boys with their cardiologist, Dr. Singh, but I don't think I've shown them with Dr. Van Heest.  She's Luke's hand and arm doctor and has performed all of his surgeries on those parts of his body.  She also knew the doctor who performed my original hand surgery back in 1970, so we figured we could trust her from the get go.   

I took this photo today.  I started carrying my old camera with me while waiting for my new one to arrive.  This is Tony Peterson and we were high school classmates.  I bumped into her while she was working at her job at Burnsville Mall.   We had a great time catching up on the old days.  She filled me in on a lot of gossip from Clear Lake, Iowa, and I spent a lot of time blushing.  There's a lot of naughty people back in that old home town of mine! 

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