September 6, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs Denver Broncos Preseason 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs Denver Broncos Preseason 2010

We braved stormy skies and major traffic to venture to Downtown Minneapolis for a rousing game of Pre-Season football between the Vikings and the Broncos!

The fourth pre-season game is typically the worst one since none of the starters play and we had nosebleed seats, but darn it we were happy to be there!  We sure do love them Vikings!

It was a very exciting game watching the likes of Tarvaris Jackson take on future superstar Tim Tiebow in some of his first NFL action.  Although we decided to leave the game about halfway through the third quarter because the boys were complaining about being tired, we were happy to learn that the home town team held on for the victory.  Now bring on those New Orleans Saints and let's get the regular season going!!  Are you ready for some football?

I finally received my new camera and was able to recover the photos taken right before my vasectomy surgery.  Believe it or not, those sharp instruments were used to cut up one of the favorite parts of my body!!

I might have seemed pretty happy in the photo above, but I was pretty nervous before the surgery.  I really didn't even want to enter the office.

I've had several people ask how Grandma Linda is doing since her surgery and I'm happy to report she's doing great!  She came over on Friday night and was able to take a walk down to the lake with us.  I didn't feel quite right about pushing her in the water quite yet, but believe me....that will be coming soon!

On Sunday, we had the good fortune of our good friends Steve "Cuds" Cuddihy and his lovely wife Melissa joining us for a boat ride.  It was darned cold and windy, but what do you expect for September in Minnesota?

Look!  A Blue Heron!!  Fascinating!

We had planned on doing a little bit of swimming, but after the boys jumped in and jumped right out again, shivering, we decided against it.  Lucky they were there to test the water for me!

I asked them to climb on top of the rock for a picture, but they told me it was covered with Goose Poop so they didn't want to!  Doesn't anyone make a sacrifice for art any more?

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