September 12, 2010

Nice Email from Shirley in Florida

Hi Todd --- I am so thrilled that you added that short on the little boy and reincarnation. I have always believed in it (as a child I picked up a secret code book and started reading it -- my folks were shocked. I had other experiences, too.)

---When my girls were younger and we'd be having the mother/daughter harangues (you'll experience the father son battles before many more years go by) ----- and they would be really angry with me -- well I would just tell them....

"Look --- you chose me to be your mother as much as I chose you to be my daughters. We are both teaching and learning from each other in this life experience -- so let's try to learn our lessons and make the best of them.

After all --- if you believe in life after death, why not life before life?

Thanks again. I loved it.

Your Florida friend, Shirley

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