September 19, 2010

Shortarmguy Diary Entry for September 19, 2010

Minnesota Twins vs Oakland Athletics
September 19, 2010

 On Friday night, I drove down to Des Moines to Hang with my Home Boys.  Just like in high school, we shared two beers and then acted silly for the rest of the night.

Shawna was our bartender for part of the night and took real good care of us.  Then we repaid her the favor by acting loud and obnoxious.

We did enjoy having the chance to see Krazy Kory's little girl, Harli.  We don't have a nickname for her quite yet, but I'm thinking that something including the name Davidson would probably be appropriate.

The reason for our trip was to get together for a nice golf game.  It was cold and rainy so I had a tough time getting motivated to play the game.  I did have fun driving the cart, though. 

Kory shot the ball pretty well.  Jason and Ron did good also.  Let's just say I picked up the rear.

On Sunday, we went to see the smoking hot Minnesota Twins play the Oakland Athletics.  I think we brought the home team some bad Karma, though, because they lost the game 6-2.  Oh, well.  We have no plans of going to see them in the World Series, so they should do just fine when they get there.

This was our first time going to a game at Target Field.  People were so excited to get our new stadium because we were finally going to get to see outdoor baseball again!  Because there's nothing better than sitting outside in Minnesota in the middle of September!  It was so warm!!!

The reason we went to the game today was because it was Have a Heart Day and we wanted to support Camp Odayin which was being honored at the game.  Since the tickets are such a hot item, we didn't get to sit with everyone from Camp Odayin, but were luckiy enough to bump into Camp Director Sara at the snack bar.  She's such a nice lady! 

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