September 26, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions --- Shortarmguy Diary Entry for September 26, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions
Shortarmguy Diary Entry for September 26, 2010

The weekend started out with a quick trip down to the farm to visit Miss Sheri's brother and his family.  Apparently they were being over run by pumpkins and they asked us to come down to help them out.

Miss Sheri spent about an hour trying to determine exactly which one was the right pumpkin to pick.  Luke picked a cat.

After the pumpkins were corralled, Miss Sheri decided to show us all how to play a rousing game of bean bag toss.  I'm so sick and tired of this lady always beating me at any game involving bags or beans or balls.  Actually, I'm not that tired of that last one.

We had a ton of fun riding Uncle Jerry's four wheelers.  Avery was zipping around the gravel roads enjoying making me eat his dust.  We're pretty close to trusting the kid to take out one of the vehicles on his own one of these times .  Which isn't too bad since Uncle Jerry only started trusting me a couple of months ago to take out one of the four wheelers by myself!

We had to leave the farm on Saturday so we could wake up bright and early Sunday morning to head to Mall of America Field to see our beloved Minnesota Vikings dominate the Detroit Lions.

A bunch of us Nor-Tech people were able to go to the games as guests of our good friends Tammy and Jiten with DLINK.  We sell their products at Nor-Tech and this event was meant to Kick Off a new sales promotion we're going to have to end the year.  We like to Kick Off things at football games.  It just really makes a lot of sense!

The Vikings VIP tent is quite the Soiree!  They have a huge spread of food and an  open bar and they gave us the opportunity to meet some Vikings legends from the past.  The Bolligs could hardly contain their Glee they were so happy to be there!

Once again, a couple of the Vikings Cheerleaders asked if they could get their picture taken with me.  I'm a nice guy, so I really try to do whatever I can for people.

Joey Browner wasn't nearly as happy to have his picture taken with me.  I think I interupted his breakfast because when I asked if I could get a quick photo with him, he just stared at me for a couple of seconds and then said "Get over here."  I had Miss Sheri quickly take this picture then ran away as fast as I possibly could!

We were all a little annoyed with Nick when he showed up in his Detroit Lions jersey.  But we were pleasantly surprised when Viktor Viking came over to our group and knocked his lights out.  We gotta hang out with that guy more often!

The game itself was fantastic!  The Vikings won 24-10 and Adrian Peterson broke a play for an 80 yard touchdown which turned out to be the longest run of his career.  I think he always tries to do something a little special for me whenever I come to a game.  He's nice like that.

Miss Sheri was very excited to see Kyle Van Den Bosch.  He went to the same high school that she did in Inwood, Iowa.  I used to think that she was so excited to see him because he's such a good football player, but after seeing the guy's butt in these tight pants I started having second thoughts.

The Vikings did really good today.  High 5, Mr. Olson.  High 5!

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