January 19, 2011

Be Sure To Latch Your Doors

Last week we had a blizzard in our area, and the family friends were away at Chicago on a vacation trip to visit other friends. When they got home, the attached photos are what they found. Unbelievable! I've never seen so much snow in a house before. ... I wonder if insurance covers something like that ... Hhhhmmm ... Apparently a door was not fully latched and the wind from the blizzard blew it all the way open allowing for all the snow to blow in and pile up throughout the house. I imagine it was a big job trying to remove all the snow from the house.


  1. oh oh oh my goodness that would be a minnesota nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How convenient! Not having to remove the ECW gear, snowshoes and skis when entering the house. Todd you're a genius!

  3. whoa what a mess! I wondered if their furnace was ruined too. The pic with the drift...yikes!