January 9, 2011

Snake Food --- Shortarmguy's Diary Entry for January 9, 2011

Snake Food 

Shortarmguy's Diary Entry for January 9, 2011

The holidays are over so it was back to work this week.  I was crazy busy at Nor-Tech and feeling overwhelmed at my desk all week.  So when I looked out the window and saw this beautiful little creature frolicking around across the street, I had to give chase and take some pictures of her.  Sadly, it took off running after I took another step forward.  I was really hoping we could play together for awhile.  Instead I had to go back inside and get back to work.  It was so sad.

So after a long week at work, I thought it would be a nice treat if I took the family out for a yummy meal at our favorite restaurant, The Outback.  All was going really well with our meals, when we were suddenly interrupted by one of the employees.  Her name was Jodi.  She apologized for intruding, but said she just wanted to let us know that "Your son (Luke) has the greatest smile she's ever seen!" We like Jodi and thought that was really nice.  

If only she knew that he was just telling me a dirty joke he'd heard on Television's "Modern Family."

I can't remember exactly what it was but it was something using the phrase "lady parts".

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of watching Avery in his first "Official" basketball game of the season.  His team won their game and Avery played great.  He scored 4 points, had 3 steals and 2 rebounds.  Not that we were counting or anything.

On Saturday night, we had dinner with our good friends, the Zitzewitzes.  We really like going over there for dinner because they cook so much better than we do!

The other reason we love going over there is because Tina loves to show us her snake!!

Luke said "Is that a snake in your hands or are you just happy to see me?"

 Karl and Tina are so nice to us.  They saved snake feeding time especially for our visit!

There's nothing like having a good meal, good conversation, and then topping it off by watching a snake eat a mouse that seems to be way too big for it's mouth!!!  Nobody can say that we don't know how to party!!

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